This will not just be a Film!!! This will be an Earth/Heaven shattering event!

This film reflects the age old questions we have inquired now and in the past.

The full spectrum of seeking truths are revealed through the mysterious hidden and misunderstood “Original Bible Code.” The same Code used by ancient Hebrew Prophets, Yeshua/Jesus, and Einstein who used the same knowledge to create his famous formula E=MC².

All this magnificent knowledge and wisdom with practical everyday results will be revealed. I share privileged and ongoing working encounters and practical relations with Elijah the Prophet, the mission of reuniting the House of Israel. This goal fulfils GOD’s promise completing his ancient covenant with all the 12 tribes!

The Day Of Elijah film and book will reflect important questions and answers for actual practical and spiritual knowledge that we all want and need! This Elusive Wisdom we aspire to know, can satisfy the soul and how it is pragmatic in life! We will seek to raise capital in a number of ways and will formulate our intentions and post them here on our website. Please check back frequently for more information.